Bikini Line – Hair Removal Options

A significant and most time consuming part of a women’s beauty regime is hair removal. However, some areas of the body might require more attention and care than the others. The bikini line is one such area where one needs to be extra careful when trying to clean off the hair and is also one of the most difficult areas to remove unwanted hair. The skin in the bikini hairline is most sensitive and can easily develop irritation, rashes, bumps and red marks if the hair removal method is harsh or not appropriate. There are many options available when it comes to hair removal techniques in this area and the trick is to figure out which one suits your skin best.

Options, Pros and Cons

Each of the below options have their own set of pros and cons and also vary in degree of comfort as well as costs involved.

Shaving, Razors and Trimmers: Using shavers, razors or trimmers are the least expensive and simplest forms of bikini line hair removal. These applicators remove the hair growth from the base of the skin but not from the roots. You can do this anytime and anywhere all by yourself. This lasts a short span of time and is a repetitive on-going process which requires regular removal. Also, this method can be a bit uncomfortable as it can leave cuts, rashes, shave bumps and ingrown hairs.

Depilatory Creams: This is the most pain-free method of hair removal which involves applying a thick layer of cream directly onto the hair growth area on the skin and leaving it on for a few minutes. These creams have active agents which break down the hair bonding making it soft and easy to remove by wiping it off. The downside of this method is that these have hard chemicals and can cause allergic reactions or burns if left for longer. It’s always best to test a small patch before using these creams.

Waxing: These methods are usually done at salons by trained professionals and have two ways of removing hair – normal waxing or Brazilian waxing. These are similar to body waxing where a layer of wax is applied to the area and the hair is pulled out from the root in one swift motion with a cloth. Although this is one of the most painful methods, it also tends to last the longest as the hair is completely uprooted as well as leaves the skin soft. The con of this technique is it is painful and also costlier than the creams and razors. People with sensitive skin might also experience some slight irritation and there are chances of hair ingrowths.

Laser and Electrolysis: This FDA approved method is the costliest but also the most effective. Laser involves directing beams of heat which kills the hair follicles and reduces growth. Electrolysis is a method of delivering electrical currents into the hair follicles via small thin needles. Both methods require several sittings but the results last the longest compared to other methods mentioned above. Both these techniques can be undergone only under the care of trained professionals and are very expensive.