The Cost-Efficient Luxury of Lola Rose

Lola Rose Nicola Gewirtz built Lola Rose in September 2000, her goal was to provide the chance for women to spoil themselves sometimes, without having to feel bad.

To do this she created high-class jewellery, which seemed lavish yet was very affordable.

Her wish came true as Lola Rose nowadays is one of the most successful and stylish jewellery brands in the United Kingdom nowadays.
The Lola Rose brand now include jewelry like rings, necklaces, bracelets, tumble bracelets, earrings and charms, all of these are beautiful yet cheap.

Among the favorite choices is the Therapies Collection, a set of simple and delicate pieces, each made up of a particular gem. Included in the variety of gems are Blue Sandstone, Amethyst, Black Agate, Gold Sandstone, Natural Blue Howlite and Grey Agate. This range affords colors ranging from blue, black and black to pink, red and orange. All complimented by silver or gold tone brass.

If small and delicate is not to your preference, look at the Shop collection. Even though these parts share the usage of a similar premium quality semi-precious gems, they make a statement on beauty with formidable, large graphic designs.


Of course elegance is not only defined by the jewellery one wears but also by the style that one achieves.

As a result, the brand has made that great item for a hunt of elegance, scarves. This choice of 100% woven merino wool jewelry present a set of vibrant colored, hand screen printed, stylish and sophisticated styles that will compliment any wardrobe in spite of season.

To still further improve that look of style the brand have now enhanced their line of accessories to include working together with John Lewis to create the most perfect safari print, summer eyewear sun shades and in case of rain, a stylish variety of light-weight raincoats, hats, umbrellas as well as tote bags.


Spoiling yourself is not just about dressing stylishly, it is also about feeling beautiful.

This is a point that has not been missed by Lola Rose and then the Bath & Body range were created.

This product selection is influenced by the distinctive jewels for which the brand is well known.

This selection consists of numerous items grouped in a variety of styles, such as Energizing Rock Crystal or Calming Amethyst. All of these styles, hosts a range of items to revive and revitalize the body, by calming and nourishing the mind, body and soul for that feeling of beauty.

Included of these items are soaps, shower gels, hand creams, hand washes and lotions. Each concept can certainly be complimented with scented drawer liners or themed bathing travel bags.

All Round Beauty

Over a few short years Lola Rose is successfully changing the meaning of style and charm, no longer is it a thing that the wealthy can afford.

With that feeling and search of trendy glamour that these products bring you and that you can afford, gives you a brand new confidence and a look that shows it.

Gift vouchers are for sale for all these items, so don’t keep the sensation to yourself, spread the beauty with an inexpensive gift voucher to a friend, the perfect gift for any special occasion.